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Puls2 by Novaseal is a proprietary heat sealing technology. Puls2 uses frequency modulated sealing to seal ALL Industrial Fabrics, without exception.  It is the latest technology developed for heat sealing industrial fabrics.


Automatic & Custom Format

Seals all roller shade, poster/billboard materials.

 4 standard
Bar Lengths:
• 168-inch (4m)
• 210-inch (5m)
• 252-inch (6m)
• 294-inch (7m)


Finishing PulseSealer

Customized PulseSealer


Table-Top Pulse Sealer

Robust, dependable, open ended heat sealer. Seal length of 40-, 72-, or 126-inch and seal width varies from 1/4-inch, 1/2-inch and/or 1-inch. Ideal for overlaps and pocketing of shades, signs and banners. Features Novaseal’s Frequency Modulated Pulse Sealing technology for best quality seals available. Made in USA & includes 5-year warranty.

Novaseal TableTop PulseSealer

Hem EndSealer

Specialty Heat Sealer for closing hem ends of a shade or small profile seals.  Customizable sealing head size. Portable, Lightweight and Affordable.  Can be used to make seals from 1/4 x 2″ to 3/4 x 4″. Made in USA.

Novaseal Hem EndSealer

Custom PulseSealers

Featuring QUAD as Largest, fastest and most advanced fully automatic pocketing sealer available.  Works with Lamar (CircleGraphics), CBS and ClearChannel systems. 

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QUAD Automatic Sealer
L-Shaped PulseSealer
Custom Sealer Gallery

Novaseal QUAD Pulse Sealer

GT-100 Wedge Welder

Hand-Held Wedge Welder.  Also known as Universal Welder or HDPE Welder.  Creates a 2-inch width seam and can weld up to 50 feet per minute.  Welds all thermoplastic materials. Offered as either 120 VAC (with cordset) or 220/240 VAC (without cordset).  Lots of videos.

Novaseal GT-75 NovaWedge Welder


When PulseSealing was introduced, there was nothing quite like it.  And there still isn’t.  Today many companies are using PulseSealers in their manufacturing process to seal just about anything you can imagine.

Benefits of a leading & innovative technology … Seals all materials, Unlimited applications, Easy to use, Longest Warranties available, Worry-free customer support, and a Growing list of testimonials.  All products are American-made.

NovaCare Warranty


PulseSealers for a wide-range of applications:

TableTop PulseSealer:  Professional.  Affordable.  40-inch, 72-inch & 126-inch.  Open Ended.  Industrial applications.

PulseSealerFactory floor models, ShadeSealer, Wide Format PulseSealer, automatic pocketing for roller shades, awnings, banners, posters, billboards or anything else.  168-inch (4m), 210-inch (5m), 252-inch (6m) and 294-inch (7m) standard bar lengths.

Automated Custom Sealers:  Automatic solutions involving motion, shuttle systems, mixed technologies, multiple head systems.


Product Information

Other Products

Original inventor of Wedge Welding, Novaseal manufacturers:
GT-100 Universal Wedge Welder and
GT-200 Geotextile Wedge Welder

Portable Hem EndSealer is not only a must have accessory for roller shade manufacturers it also is used for many industrial applications.

Custom Machines include:
QUAD Fully Automatic
L-Shaped Sealer
Custom Machines
Cutting Tables

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