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Puls Powered Brands & Manufacturers

These manufacturers prefer manufacturing their products with Novaseal®-branded machinery/equipment Made in USA.

Increased Production. "We have a ShadeSealer-168 with automatic PocketMaker. We absolutely love it. It seals most fabrics without tape. We can seal several shades at the same time. Our production has increased dramatically."
Ned Gensler
No Downtime. "To deliver on time means no downtime. We've owned Novaseal-branded heat sealers for more than 7 years, and they have been reliable and dependable. No downtime." "American-made means made with integrity. Excellent customer service. Novaseal is a name you can trust."
Alan Rakitin
Pulse sealing technology outperforms other sealing methods. "We use the ShadeSealer-168 to automatically fold and heat seal many smaller shades of varying widths at the same time, and each of these shades are made of a different material; and one sealing parameter will seal everything, perfectly. The capabilities of Puls Sealing Technology far out perform any conventional impulse sealer."
Gilles Pepin
Less Maintenance & Less Downtime. "We have a Novaseal ShadeSealer-168 and use it to make approximately 7,000 shades per month. Heating elements and zone tape are the only replaceable components and we replace these items once every 3-4 months. Replacement only takes about 15 minutes. This compares favorably to a competitive European impulse sealer manufacturer which requires up to a full day for maintenance, and we produce far less shades on those [European-made] machines in the same period."
Dan St. Hilaire
Maintenance Manager
Simplicity & Versatility. "We can go from getting a quality seal on thick heavy duty vinyl to a lightweight mesh by just pressing a few buttons. With Novaseal PulseSealers it is nice to be able to use equipment that doesn't require a doctorate and a month long learning curve to get everything dialed in! For a company with the right expectations, the Novaseal PulseSealer will not disappoint."
Issac Hawksworth
Production Manager