NovaPULS™ Automatic Sealer

Novaseal Automatic PulseSealer

Loaded with more features than any other machine available, the NovaPULS™ Automatic Sealer is the most advanced heatsealer for producing rollershades, awning systems, posters/billboards with hem bar pockets, overlaps, splices, splines, zippers, keders, or for that matter any other optional process. The NovaPULS™ Automatic Sealer formerly referred to as 'ShadeSealer' was renamed because of its so many applications.  Any application that requires processing of a large application with a robust factory floor heat sealing machine.

Standard bar length sizes include:  168-inch (4m), 210-inch (5m), 252-inch (6m) and 294-inch (7m). Regardless of the sealing bar size needed, each NovaPULS™ Automatic Sealer uses our proprietary frequency modulated Puls2™ Sealing Technology.  And best of all, all NovaPULS™ sealers are American-made with traditional American values which means that NovaPULS™ last longer & perform better than any other heat sealer.  And we’re the only heat sealing company to offer a 5-Year Warranty (that can be renewed indefinitely) which includes our NovaCARE™’s premier customer service program. When you want and can afford the best, look no further than a NovaPULS™ sealer.  Lease/purchase options available.

Standard & Optional Features:

100% American-made and 5-Year Warranty

TouchScreen & Indexed Memory Locations

Automation-ready & Internet of Things (IoT)

High Precision Automatic PocketMaker

Multiple-Head Sealing with Multiple Widths

Robust Factory-floor Model

Available in standard bar lengths of 168-inch, 210-inch, 252-inch and 294-inch & any custom length.

Fully customizable for manual or automated applications.  Add a shuttle, table, rewinders, multiple sealers, process/material handling.

Easy Pass-through 5-inch Daylight.

Large Front/Rear MagPlates

Internal Diagnostics & AI Controls

Intuitive Sealing means less operator training.

Incorporated pneumatically activated material stops.

Zipper, Spline, Keder Fixturing.  Laser alignment.

Manual, Semi-Automatic, or Fully Automatic Operation Modes. 

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Maintenance is very often overlooked when purchasing a new machine. One of our large shade manufacturing clients recently shared with us that compared to a popular European manufacturer of heat sealers, NovaPULS™ sealers require less maintenance and significantly less time to complete the maintenance. “We use a Novaseal® Puls168 to make about 4000 seals per month which translates to 6,000 to 7,000 shades per month. Heating elements and zone tape are the only replaceable components and are replaced on an average once every 3-4 months. Replacement only takes about 15 minutes, compared to a competitive European manufacturer which requires up to a full day for maintenance, and we produce far less shades on those [European-made] machines in the same time period.” … When everything is considered, NovaPULS™ is not only the better sealer, but it also requires less maintenance which means less downtime.
Dan St. Hilaire
Former Production & Maintenance Manager