Factory Automation

For American manufacturers to compete favorably with Asian imports, it becomes critical that American manufacturers embrace process automation.  This type of automation can come in many forms.  From completely automating all processes to simply automating by machine.  At Novaseal, full automation could be a QUAD Automatic PulseSealer which can process an entire poster by pocketing all four sides at the same time with production outputs up to several entire posters within a few minutes.  Machine-level automation could be a TableTop or Automated PulseSealer with fixturing to automate adding zippers, keders or splines to each sealed product.  Regardless of which way you decide, all our PulseSealers are Automation-ready, and can be integrated as part of a machine-level or full process automation system.  The following represent examples of Full Process and Machine-Level Automation designed and manufactured by Nova Products.

QUAD Automatic PulseSealer

Full Process Automation Novaseal Lamar QUADWhat began as our 4-by-x all-in-one heat sealer evolved to become the world’s largest heat sealing machine. The QUAD Automatic PulseSealer uses our proprietary, patent pending and revolutionary Puls2 Sealing technology to make a 4-sided seal in less time than any competitive product available. Not only are the seals made fast, but the quality is second to none. The QUAD consists of: 4 Pulse Sealers formed as a rectangle, Material Rollstand to feed material, a huge table located and spans between the 4 Pulse Sealers, an Exit System, and TouchScreen PLC Control System. Arranged to produce 4 pocket or flat finished seals and can be used to form Lamar-style pockets (3-inch pocket with 1-inch seal) and/or CircleGraphics-style (3 ¼-inch parallel on 2 to 3 layers of material) seals along the circumference to finish a poster, billboard or other product. Sealers can produce up to 4 completely sealed posters/banners per minute. SNovaseal Quadealers can be fixed or continuously adjusting in size to form seals varying between 8-ft by 15-ft to 24-ft by 60-ft or any variation of your choice. Lamar Graphics’ Transformer is, a Novaseal-branded QUAD Pulse Sealer and is Lamar’s key production advantage for fabrication of posters. Each Pulse Sealer is activated using our Poster-type press, and, our presses can be modified to include Slit Press option to slit materials compliant with ClearChannel’s slit specification. Novaseal™ proprietary magnetic gripper technology is used to move and locate printed material. To optimize smooth and fast movement of materials, Nova Products (the manufacturer of Novaseal™ branded products) has teamed with Maxcess International. Maxcess provides a family of products and services to assure material feeding is accurate, exact and continuously repeatable without using pinching rollers used in our first QUAD system. Incoming materials are tension controlled to eliminate telescoping and assure high speed guidance without comprising safety. Whether your application is continuous or for an a\occasional single poster at a time, our PLC-driven motion controls is the most versatile for high speed heat sealing production available today. Each poster includes barcoding to define whether the seals should be Lamar-style or CircleGraphics-style, as well as finished size. Next, our high speed control system modifies machine to meet finishing parameters. All of this happens without losing production time. And, if you are limited on power, or prefer to use less power, our PowerDistribution optimizer can be integrated with our Pulse Sealing technology. QUADG2 is a second generation of the QUAD for continuous seals, and with our patent-applied for  MicroPrecision folding technology, pocketing is now more reliable and repeatable than ever before. With QUADG2, you will be much more efficient with a machine that pockets and seals up to 4 completed posters or banners in a minute. QUAD sealers can be configured to your specifications. Imagine how the QUAD will help your business grow. QUADG2 is Made in USA and covered by our 5-Year Warranty. For a lower cost alternative to the Novaseal-branded QUADG2, consider L-PulseSealer for sealing any poster size from 10 x 22 ft to 20 x 60 ft.

Automatic PulseSealer with Shuttle System

Full Process Automation Nova ShuttleSealer Shuttle systems can be configured for length required.  For example, the shuttle system shown in photo inset is used to make a 42-foot seal with a 17-foot PulseSealer.  Materials to be heat sealed are loaded onto a conveyor system, and moved left-right in 17-foot indexed seals.  Our proprietary End-to-End sealing technology results in a completed long-length seal without witness marks from one seal to the next.  Shuttle moves in both directions.  This example of process automation also includes a laser activated alignment system, as well as multiple sealing configurations for various applications from keder/zipper attachment to overlap sealing of dissimilar materials.  

TableTop PulseSealer Integration

Machine-level Automation Novaseal Automation Novaseal AutomationWhether you need a system to automatically heat seal splice materials or you need specialized functionality, Novaseal-branded TableTop PulseSealer provides a low-cost, relatively light-weight, intergratable solution.  And with our Automation-ready feature built-in to every PulseSealer, you can purchase a stand-alone TableTop PulseSealer today, and integrate functionality into a machine-level or full process automation system in the future.

Automatic PulseSealer Integration

Machine-level Automation Novaseal Automation For additional functionality, consider an Automatic PulseSealer configured with two 294-inch sealing bars separated by an infinitely variable distance.  In this example (photo inset, right), one of the two heat sealers was used to heat seal dissimilar materials and the other heat sealer used to make a tightly wound keder and heat seal the keder section to a heavy weight vinyl material.  Although considered machine-level automation, this same machine was designed for future full process automation.

Heated Platen Integration

Machine-level Automation Novaseal Automation Automation is not limited to PulseSealers.  Consider a customized heated platen sealer.  Photo inset (left) shows a heated platen sealer that was integrated into a full process automation for medical products.  In this case, the design was customer-specified for a machine that fits between several other components.  Automation-ready meant that variable heat controls, operational controls and automatic interchangeable heating platen removal was controlled from a central operating system via WiFi communications.  
AUTOMATION.  CUSTOMIZATION.  Nova Products is an engineering design and solutions driven company. Our team of engineers include a physicist, mechanical engineers, an electrical engineer, materials engineering and an automation engineer. All designs are modeled using solid modeling and finite element analysis software. Together with intensive project management tools and a crew of machinists, technicians and administrators, we can tackle just about any heat sealing and/or heat sealing automation application. We have direct experience working with our proprietary pulse sealing technology. Additionally we have a thorough knowledge of wedge welding, heated platen (die) sealing. With Nova Products, Automation & Customization designs are only limited by your imagination.