NovaHEAT™ Sealer

novaheat-press-options NovaHEAT™ Sealers are constant on heat sealers. Also known as Direct Contact Heat Sealers, Hot Die Sealers, Heated Platen Sealers, Hot Bar Sealers, etc.  Whichever name you call it, NovaHEAT™ Sealers are used to heat seal reinforcements, patching, bags, wire conduits, special designed forms and shapes. Quite versatile.  Customizible. Applications commonly found for medical/pharmaceutical products, shade/awning reinforcement and hem end sealing, food/beverage, recreational products, custom packaging as well as practically every industry where thermoplastic materials need to be sealed or welded. Portable & TableTop NovaHEAT™ Sealers: NovaHEAT Shapes
  • Hand, Arbor or Pneumatically activated sealing die or platen.
  • Hot Interchangeability.  No need to first cool the hot die when changing for another shape.
  • Sealing head or die interchangeable.
  • Lots of different shaped dies.  Customized to your requirements.
  • Patches, End Sealing, Reinforcement, etc.
  • PLC or Temperature Controlled with K-type thermocouple.
  • Automation-ready available.
  • 120 VAC or 220 VAC
  • Easy to Use
  • Made in USA
  • 3-year Warranty
  • 24/7/365 NovaCARE™ Support
PATCH SEALER VIDEO   novaheat-pdf-download-link    

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