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Puls2™ Continues to Wow!

COCONUT CREEK, FLA -- Puls2™ continues to wow manufactureres using fabric welders to make roller shades, posters, banners and anything that requires heat sealing.  Puls2™ is the featured technology included in every NovaPULS™ Fabric Welder manufactured by Nova Products Manufacturing, Inc.


Fabric Welding Evolution

COCONUT CREEK, FLA -- Nova Products Manufacturing, Inc. illustration of the evolution of fabric welding.  Puls2™ is the latest technological advancement for fabric welding and heat sealing industrial fabrics.


Novaseal® Puls2™ Heat Sealing Technology

COCONUT CREEK, FLA -- Puls2™ Sealing Technology is a revolutionary new technology for welding industrial fabrics used in roller shades, awnings, printed media, etc. Technology uses heat absorption based patent pending method known as heat packet amplitude frequency modulation (HPAFM). Method uses less heat than traditional means of heat sealing … resulting in higher performance seals and less overall cost to make the seal.