Pulse Packet
Sealing Technology

◙  Pulse Packet Sealing Technology also known as Puls2™ is a revolutionary new sealing technology capable of sealing most industrial fabrics faster, cooler, stronger and without deformation.

Puls2™ is what differentiates Novaseal® from all other heat sealers.

◙  Invented and patented in the United States proving once again that USA is a technology leader. Puls2™ is used in all Novaseal® bar sealers BUT can also be used to convert most traditional impulse sealers to Pulse Packet Sealing Techology. Some of the benefits gained with using either our bar sealers or converting an “old/traditional” heat sealer:

♦ Guaranteed Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
♦ 5-times faster than Impulse Sealing
♦ 5 Year (60 Month) Warranty
♦ Made and serviced in the USA
♦ Easily seals all synthetic and industrial woven fabrics

All Products 100% Made in USA