Learn what is unique about Puls2™ Sealing Technology

♦ Frequency modulated pulse packets translates to cooler and faster cycle times. Resulting in less heating element and zone tape replacement, significantly less to zero downtime, faster production, strong seals without discoloration.  Works with all materials.  Guaranteed lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).   
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♦ Simple
♦ Automated
♦ Modular Options
♦ Forever Support
♦ Made in USA
♦ 60 Month Warranty
♦ Lowest TCO

• Pulse Packet (Puls2™) is an advanced sealing technology that makes seamless seals stronger, better looking and faster compared to impulse sealing.

• Novaseal® brand with over 25 years experience for better more reliable high performance engineering and customer service.

• Modular automations including pocketing, zippers, keders.  And what you need when you need it.

• Automatic high speed clamping-style PocketMaker.  Precision.  Simple to use.  Few moving parts.  Very Fast!

• Process automation for high speed manufacturing.  IoT, etc.

• Large range of machine length.  From 40in (1 meter) to 360in (9 meter).  Custom length machines and automation available.

• Original Seamless Sealing.  Others may claim to do this, but we were the first with Seamless sealing technology.  It is a Puls2™ feature.

PurePower.  A bank of transformers regulates high speed switching performance in delivery of small pulse packets.

Rocker Tensioners use pneumatics along with one-way clutch system to control heating element expansion and make maintenance very quick and easy.

Open-ended Sealing.  TableTop models can be used to seal any length application.

American Made means we are held to a higher standard.  We’re the only choice for 100% Made in USA.  Just think … no tariffs to worry about.  No shipping delays on spare parts.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) means it costs less for higher yield production.

5-year (60 month) Warranty with Forever Support.  Only company to offer this peace of mind assurance.  Machine upgrades also available.

Novaseal® Puls2™ Fabric Welders & Heat Sealers

NovaPULS™ TableTop & Factory Floor models for heat sealing all industrial fabrics. Automatic PocketMaker and other modular options available for all standard bar sizes - 40in, 72in, 126in, 168in, 210in, 252in, 294in and 360in. 5 Year Warranty with Forever NovaCARE™ Support.


Versatile constant on heat sealers customized to seal any shape patch or reinforcement or as an End Sealer for Hems. Available as Hand Press, Arbor Press or Pneumatic Press. 3 Year Warranty with Forever NovaCARE™ Support.


GT-100 Universal Hand-Held Wedge Welder & GT-200 Wheel-Mounted Walk Behind Wedge Welder. Both products for heat sealing Geotechnical materials and industrial fabrics. 3 Year Warranty with Forever NovaCARE™ Support.

All Products 100% Made in USA