2017 March-Promotional

Heat Sealer Promotion



7-5-promoHere’s How our Promotion Works.

Standard TableTop PulseSealers are fully functional machines without any options.  If that’s your interest, buy now and save 7-1/2%.  However if you prefer customizing the heat sealer to meet your exact needs, then save 30% on each customizable option purchased with a standard heat sealing machine.

>  PocketFormer … makes adjustable depth pockets
>  Zipper Attachment  …  Keder Attachment  …  Rope Encapsulation
>  Press Hold Down  …  Brass Electrodes  …  Tube Seal Maker
>  Daily Cycle Counter  …  Steel Table with/without Shelving
>  LED Seal Area Lighting  …  Laser Dot Alignment
>  Custom Options  …  Ask us.


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