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Samples.  Would you like us to make a sealed sample for you?  Mail or ship us one or more samples of your material(s), and we’ll use our machinery/equipment to produce sample seals.  Let us know if you prefer that we video the sampling process or if you prefer we return sealed sample(s).  If your preference is for return, provide us with your UPS or FedEx shipping account number.  So that we have enough material to test/calibrate and produce one or more samples, please send us at least 1-meter (40inches) x 2-meter (80inches) of your material.  Mark each sample so we can refer to it in our report.  Include your business card or information including name, company name, E-mail address and phone number.

Ship samples to:

Nova Products Mfg., Inc.
Attn:  Sample Production
6574 N. State Road 7, Unit 381
Coconut Creek, Florida  33073  USA

Tel: (954) 834-2211