NovaHEAT™ – Hem EndSealer

NovaHEAT™ Manual Hem EndSealer is a direct contact heat sealer used to seal or close hem ends of a shade, guide wires into an outdoor application, heatseal velcro for a packaging application.  In other words, the EndSealer can be used for just about anything.  EndSealer is a portable handheld and lightweight heated platen welder.  It is a must have for roller shade and awning manufacturers.

And best of all, the Hem EndSealer is Made in USA which means that EndSealers last longer & perform better than any other similarly offered heat sealer. For this reason we’re the only heat sealing company to offer a 3-Year Warranty along with NovaCARE™ premier customer service support.

Standard EndSealer makes seals 1/4 inch x 2 inch length.  However this sealer can be customized to nearly any other seal dimensions.  EndSealers are temperature controlled with a heavy duty thermocouple.  Makes seals in seconds.  Comfortable hand-activated press.  Includes Edge Alignment Guides to keep seals straight and easy to use.

For a higher speed automation solution, consider our NovaPULS™ Automatic EndSealer.

NovaHEAT™ Standard Hem EndSealer.  Available with interchangeable die sizes.

NovaHEAT™ EndSealers can be customized to meet your specific requirements.