Our Vision

From the start we became a leading international brand known for design innovation, engineering solutions and manufacturing excellence.  Our products then and now solve manufacturing and production critical issues and evolving business challenges for heat sealing production of various materials used in the manufacture of signs, banners, posters, billboards, shade, drapery, civil/geotech, medical and other industrial products.

As a 100% Made in USA, our company and values are held to a higher standard.  We accept that responsibility.  And have designed all of our products to perform longer with little to no maintenance and associated costs associated with maintenance.  For this reason we’re the only heat sealing company to offer a 5-Year (60 Month) Warranty (that can be renewed indefinitely).  Our engineered heat sealing solutions use proprietary technologies and methods resulting in excellent sealing results with higher energy efficiency (less power), seals that look great and are 100% reliable.  Pre & post sales support is of utmost concern to us.  NovaCARE™ is our web-based 24/7 online customer service portal designed to meet our customers’ needs and individualized requirements.  Most of our machines are modular in design which means that our lead times on customizable machinery is very good and often quite less than expected.  Design excellence and flexibility is what makes Novaseal®-branded products best-in-class for the markets we serve.  When you want and can afford the best, look no further than Novaseal®.

Longest Warranty … Best Product Quality … Made in USA

All Novaseal®-branded products are in fully compliant with the Berry Amendment (USC, Title 10, Section 2533a) for DOD procurement of domestically manufactured products.

Why Choose Us

Our History

In 1994, we began as a Broomfield, Colorado company known then as Novaseal Corporation.  Our first products were a line of wedge welders for welding geomembranes, geotextiles and geosynthetic clay liners.

With the popularity (thousands purchased world-wide) of the hand-held GT-100 Wedge Welder, GT-200 wheel mounted and GT-500 automatic welders we soon became the “go to” company for heat sealing geotextiles, HDPE, vinyls, and virtually all materials used in civil engineering and industrial markets.  In 2002, Novaseal Corporation and High Tech Automation merged and moved to Boca Raton, Florida.  Ten years later, Novaseal moved to Coconut Creek, Florida.  In the summer of 2016, Glenn Lippman, our president and CEO reorganized our company to manufacture Novaseal®-branded products by Nova Products Mfg, Inc., an employee owned company (EOC).  Our product line expanded to include a full line of standard and customizable products. With Nova Products we also introduced lease and financing options as well as broadened our product line to include automation/robotics, conversion products and filtration systems.  Our standard products include a technology developed to combine attributes of RF High Frequency sealing with more traditional impulse welding to form a proprietary, patent pending method, referred to as Puls2™ Sealing Technology.

Pulse Packet (Puls2™) Sealing is limited to straight (not curved) seals.  It can be used to seal virtually all thermoplastic materials, and with available sealing tapes, all thermoplastic/thermoset materials, without deformation, color distortion and at rates significantly faster than impulse welding and comparable to high frequency sealing.  Nova Products continues to manufacture and distribute its internationally acclaimed line of Novaseal®-branded wedge welders with improved manufacturing and reliability methodolgies.

Although sealing technologies have improved over the years since the late 1950’s when Mr. Lippman’s father pioneered RF welding, with advanced programming techniques and manufacturing methodologies, we still believe in our mantra, “there’s literally no application we can’t solve.” All machines are engineered, designed and manufactured in the United States using American Ingenuity with a focus on Innovation and affordability.

Note.  Novaseal® technologies developed via a licensing partnership relationship.