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Each of the following manufacturers have chosen to use Puls2™ Sealing Technology for making seals on industrial fabrics used for shades, roller shades, billboards, posters, awnings, etc.

These companies are using the best sealing technology available to produce the best long-term results on products purchased by consumers and B-to-B everyday.

They have also decided in favor of using American-made equipment to product American-made products for their customers.  This means that each of these companies can produce more products, faster, with better quality, ontime, without downtime.

We hope you will consider buying from these companies first, because of thes companies are looking out for best interests as their priority.

About Us

Nova Products Mfg. manufactures the Novaseal® line of high performance heat sealers and fabric welders using Puls2™ Sealing Technology.  Based on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) our products cost less than any other option which means that our customers can provide the best service and quality finished products to the markets they serve.

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