The Largest Heat Sealer in the World is


Made in the United States


Imagine what you can do with a 30-ft (9.14m) Heat Sealer! 

Use it to make overlap, hem pockets, zipper welds, keder strip seals on industrial fabrics with cycle times less than 10 seconds!

This is only possible because the NovaPULS™-360 features the revolutionary proprietary Puls2™ Sealing Technology.

Features include:

•   Clamp-style precision pocketing with variable pocket depths against 1/4in, 1/2in or 1in seal width.

•   Selectable Seamless or Seam showing on nearly all industrial fabrics including vinyls.

•   Pneumatic Rockers for even seals with reduced maintenance.

•   5in daylight for ease of moving materials in and out of the machine.

•   Puls2™ sealing technology for best quality seals available.

•   100% Made in USA.  Kind of nice to know buying American-made provides peace of mind.  Regardless of world politics, we’re here to support you.

•   5-year Warranty.  We’re the only company that warrants our products this long.  Basically, our machines don’t breakdown, they’re virtually maintenance free.  If they weren’t that good, we couldn’t afford to offer such a long warranty.

When you can afford to buy the best … buy Novaseal® Fabric Welders.

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