Make a Cost Effective Decision When Buying a Fabric Welder

By Glenn W. Lippman, March 7, 2018

Are you looking to buy a fabric welder?  How do you decide which one to purchase?  Do you buy the same machine your competitors bought?  Wouldn’t you want to produce better products at lower costs?

I am the owner of Nova Products Mfg., Inc., producers of Novaseal® branded NovaPULS™ fabric welders and I would like the opportunity to prove to you why my product is worth more to “you” than a less expensive, stripped down impulse sealer.

If you don’t agree, I won’t take any more of your time.  If you feel that the quality and features of my product will not put more dollars in your pocket, I’ll walk away.  But, I have a very good story and I’d like you to hear it.

During the past couple of years many new fabric welder suppliers have entered the market.  Of the original contenders the most popular machine was made by Asco (Hunter Douglas).  All of today’s Asian vendors pretty much modeled their machines as Asco “knock-offs”.  Which is one of the reasons why they all look the same.  Only problem is that Asco’s welding technology is the same original impulse sealing technology from about 50 years ago. 

As a matter of fact, every Asco, Chinese knock-off, Matic, Miller Weldmaster, and others sell machines based on that same old sealing technology.  Deciding which of these to buy is largely based on other features like price, color, sales staff, deals, lighting, financing, tradeshow exhibits and advertising.  For the most part they are all the same, which is why so many people simply buy the cheapest model they can find. 

Puls2™ Sealing Technology

This is where we’re different.  Novaseal® branded NovaPULS™ machines are based on an experimental technology developed several years ago, and subsequently improved to its current form known as Puls2™ sealing or packet welding technology.  npmpuls2-on-f7f7f7[Pulse] Packet Welding is a low frequency pulse packet patent applied for technology which I invented and is an integral component of every Novaseal® branded fabric welder manufactured by Nova Products.    

Is Puls2™ really that good?  Our competitors would say that Puls2™ is just a marketing gimmick.  How can you blame them.  They’ve done nothing to improve the technology that drives their fabric welders.

Yes, Puls2™ is that good.  This new technology allows materials to be welded with lots of smaller packets of heat followed by a relatively short cooling period.  Compared to impulse sealing which uses a lot of heat followed by a relatively longer period of cooling for an overall longer and hotter sealing cycle.  As a result, Puls2™ sealing is cooler and repeatable without waiting for the bar to cool.  Cooler sealing means that heating elements don’t expand/contract as much which means less failure, less downtime to replace them, less hot spots transferred to your welded seams, less energy to make the seals, less wear on zone tape i.e., zone tape lasts longer.  Additionally, cooler sealing means less cooling cycle time.    No need for water cooling or any other assisted cooling.  These advantages means lower operating costs with faster cycles and lower costs per weld.


View Live Side-by-Side Comparison of Asco’s impulse sealing with
NovaPULS™ Puls2™ LF Sealing Technology.

For example, last week Puls2™ was used to seal 3 layers of vinyl in about 7 seconds.  This cycle time compared to a seal made in 30 seconds by a competitor’s machine.  Although 23 second savings may not seem like much, it translates to a nearly 500% increase in production output when you consider repeatability without waiting for a welder to cool down, less maintenance costs and downtime.  This correlates to an 80% reduction in unit labor costs as well as a reduction in unit energy costs for a more consistent product.npm-ss3-49556353

Puls2™ has also been used very successfully in welding 2 or more layers of architectural fabrics such as ETFE, PTFE (Teflon), polyurethane, heavy and lightweight materials, shade cloths, roller shades, meshes, screens, and dissimilar materials.  Without discoloration.  Without distortion.  High strength beautiful seals.  Many of these materials can only be welded with Puls2™.  Can you afford a fabric welder without Puls2™ where you are limited on which materials can be welded?

Modular Automation

Having the best sealing technology isn’t enough.  In today’s competitive market, automating processes is key.  Many fabric welders are customized to do only one thing.  And although that may seem perfect today, what happens when new product challenges arise.  We provide a full line of modular automations. 

Modular means that you can quickly replace a pocketing function with a zipper attachment function, or make multiple seals at the same time; or make different seal widths without buying an entirely new machine every time your application changes.  

For example, depending on your needs, fabric welder modular options may include:

•  Automatic Pocketing. Precision accuracy and repeatable automatic pocketing.  Modular in construction means if you don’t need automatic pocketing today, that’s okay.  Perhaps in the future you’ll need it.  No need to purchase a new machine, just add Automatic Pocketing when the need arises.

•  Manual Pocketing. Perhaps you don’t do much pocketing, then consider adding a modular Manual Pocketing feature.  Keep it on standby and add it into your process when needed.  Only takes minutes.

•  Zipper Attachment. Weld any zipper to a screen or other material.  This option includes an easy zipper loader, and precise sealing adjacent to the zipper.  If your application prefers keder attachment, no problem.  We even offer an interchangeable zipper and pocketing modular option.

•  Customization.  If you need something unusual, we can do it.  Whether standalone or automated, we’ve probably already built it.

Can you truly predict what you’ll need in the future?  With modular finishing processing options, there is no need to worry.  Add a modular finishing process when you need it makes our machines the most durable solution available.  It is that simple.

Custom Automation

Next you should consider process-level automation solutions.  Perhaps today all you need is machine-level automation, however in the not too distant future you may want to reduce employee count and/or rely more on automation.  Especially if and when your business requires you to produce more products with repeatable precision in less time.  Realizing this level of automation is ‘around the corner,’ we have already pre-installed automation-ready components into each and every NovaPULS™ Fabric Welder.  One of our awning manufacturer clients had us build an 80-foot shuttle system to make 42-foot awnings for his commercial customers.  Our fabric welder included laser registration together with four sealers in one machine with indexed motion process automation.  Anything is possible.  After all, we’re the ones that made the Quad … the largest fabric welder ever built!

Customer Support

♦  100% Made in America. Support is reliable and always available.  Novaseal® branded fabric welders function better, last longer and require very little maintenance.  We are the only manufacturer with a 5 Year Warranty and unlimited NovaCARE™ weblink support included with each NovaPULS™ machine.

ss403666990One of my biggest pet peeves is buying an expensive piece of equipment and believing that it will work as specified without issues.  Then spending a lot of money to make it continue to do what it was supposed to do.  It is for this reason why our machines include the 5-Year Warranty.  With our warranty, if anything goes wrong, it’s covered.  Our competitors would have you purchase ongoing service with annual service/part costs that add up quickly.  With Nova Products, our Warranty covers replacement parts and workmanship.

♦  Maintenance made easy. We’ve designed and built in features to reduce maintenance.  For example, replacing spring tensioners with pneumatic cylinders that never need to be replaced; or using a one-way clutch system to reduce downtime associated with heating element replacement; and increasing heating element life by welding cooler to list a few.

With President Trump’s “America First,” new tariffs are continuously being proposed/approved.  Therefore buying an import from Europe or China will cost you more than whatever the sticker price is today.  There are no imports built as well as the fabric welders we manufacture in the United States.  Imports whether from Europe or China will require ongoing expensive maintenance, guaranteed! 

How will you be able to stay competitive when maintenance components on an import is either no longer available when you need it or embargoed due to a pending political conflict with the imported manufacturer’s Country.  One of our clients has been waiting nearly two months for a critical part on one of their imported heat sealers.  Without it, they haven’t been able to make any welds.  Made in America means peace of mind in knowing you will be able to produce without interruption. 


Puls2™ … Made in America … 5 Year Warranty … translates to:

     ⇒  Durable Machine. Fabric welders that will last at least 7-times longer than any other machine.  Modular components provide limitless capabilities with one machine, thus lower overall costs.  Improved productivity means lower capital costs for companies large enough to require multiple machines.

     ⇒  Low Maintenance. Dramatically fewer maintenance points of failure resulting in both far lower repair and maintenance costs with a vastly more reliable production schedule which is critical to both managing your workforce and meeting customer commitments.

     ⇒  Lower Operating Costs due to faster cycle times, lower energy costs per weld and a more automated approach to machine-level processing.npm-ss3-230910133

I’ve been in this industry for a long time.  My father was one of the pioneers and inventors of High Frequency dielectric heat sealing.  I have been designing and manufacturing fabric welders, (aka heat sealers), and automation for more than 30 years.  Nova Products is an employee owned company which provides continuity and our employees are vested in making the best American made fabric welders possible along with the best customer service experience for each welder sold. 

Why gamble with your company’s future … buy American, buy a welder with the most innovative and advanced technologies, and buy from a company with experience, a 5-year Warranty and unlimited application support.  It’s the smart choice.

Puls2™ … it is that good!



Additional Information:

The NovaPULS™ line of fabric welders include table top and factory floor models.  Ranging in sealing lengths from 40in to 360in, we probably have a size that meets your requirements.  Visit our website at for a complete review of our products, machine videos, news articles and application support.  For more Puls2™ details, visit:  Or, if you like, we’re located in south Florida … visit us! 

Glenn W. Lippman, physicist, inventor and President/CEO of Nova Products Manufacturing, Inc. of Coconut Creek, Florida.  Mr. Lippman is also Executive Director of Intellectual Conversation Group, a bipartisan community-based think tank based in South Florida with over 1,000 members.

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