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RF Welder Converted to Puls2™ Heat Sealer

Older Radio Frequency (RF) plastic welders can be harmful to your employees.  Repairing them may not be possible or affordable.  Consider repurposing RF Welders by upgrading to the most advanced heat sealing  technology available.  Nova Products can and has converted RF Welders to use pulse packet sealing technology.  Converted machines feature an extended warranty, a more powerful and effective heat sealing technology, stronger seals, automation-ready, safer for the workplace and lowest total cost of ownership.

COCONUT CREEK, FLA — In recent months, Nova Products Mfg., Inc. has been advertising their ability to convert alternate heat sealing technologies such as RF (Radio Frequency) or Impulse heat sealers to their most recently patented pulse packet sealing technology.  Pulse packet also known as Puls2™ is low frequency sealing technology that has been proven to provide very strong seals on multi-layered industrial synthetic materials. 


US Doubles Down on Buy American Act

For American manufacturing to be competitive, American manufacturers need to automate as many production operations as possible.  And what better way to automate than use Puls2™ sealing technology along with process-level automation. 

IndustryNet — The White House unveiled a new plan this week to boost U.S. procurement of American-made products. During the annual “Made In America” showcase at the White House July 15th, President Trump signed an executive order vowing to enforce and maximize the 1933 Buy American Act to the greatest extent of the law.


Do You Have New Technology Apprehension?

Just how much and in what ways does Puls2™ Sealing Technology differ from impulse welding.  Transitioning from impulse welding to Puls2™ sealing is not as hard as you might think.  Although sealing methods are different, they also share similarities.  No need to be apprehensive.

COCONUT CREEK, FLA — From time-to-time we receive comments from prospects interested in learning more of what Puls2™ sealing technology is, but somewhat reluctant in pursuing our machinery because they didn’t want to learn or adopt a new technology for sealing their materials.  They were currently familiar with imported impulse welders and felt that using pulse sealing technology would require a different mindset and training. 


Advanced Heat Sealer is Customizable, Easy to Use and Fast

Puls2™ technology provides for heat sealer customization, modular functionality, strongest seals on wide range of materials with high speed cycle time results. Easy to use means very little training needed for repeatable quality seals.

COCONUT CREEK, FLA — Novaseal® fabric welders/heat sealers produce the highest quality, reliable and repeatable seals.  We’ve always believed that no heat sealing solution is ordinary.  Most applications for a heat sealer involve unique requirements.  Whether you need to seal unusual or different materials, or an application that requires zippers, keders or other attachments, or a process that requires a sealer to do something else.


Fabric Welder Buying Guide

COCONUT CREEK, FLA — “Make a Cost Effective Decision When Buying a Fabric Welder” is a recent article by Glenn Lippman.  Article outlines critical areas to consider including welding technology, modular and custom automation, customer support, country of origin and warranty.  To be cost effective, your decision should be based on Durability, Maintenance Criteria and Operating Cost Reduction.


Puls2™ Continues to Wow!

COCONUT CREEK, FLA — Puls2™ continues to wow manufactureres using fabric welders to make roller shades, posters, banners and anything that requires heat sealing.  Puls2™ is the featured technology included in every NovaPULS™ Fabric Welder manufactured by Nova Products Manufacturing, Inc.


Fabric Welding Evolution

COCONUT CREEK, FLA — Nova Products Manufacturing, Inc. illustration of the evolution of fabric welding.  Puls2™ is the latest technological advancement for fabric welding and heat sealing industrial fabrics.


Novaseal® Puls2™ Heat Sealing Technology

COCONUT CREEK, FLA — Puls2™ Sealing Technology is a revolutionary new technology for welding industrial fabrics used in roller shades, awnings, printed media, etc. Technology uses heat absorption based patent pending method known as heat packet amplitude frequency modulation (HPAFM). Method uses less heat than traditional means of heat sealing … resulting in higher performance seals and less overall cost to make the seal.