Heatsealer manufacturer network Enacted during war time or other national emergency.

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Novaseal® heat sealers are purchased by many of our nation’s best and most patriotic manufacturers using industrial fabrics to fabricate various products.  NovaDIRECT™ brings together our customers during a time of emergency to repurpose Novaseal® heat sealers to address our nation’s needs for heat sealable solutions.

For example, current clients using Novaseal® products upgraded with pulse packet sealing technology (Puls2™) currently own heat sealing machinery with the fastest and most efficient operating system.  Our clients are already setup to manufacture products such as hospital gowns, masks, body/cadaver bags, portable buildings, and many other products quickly and factory direct to government and distribution channels.  With pulse packet sealing technology, these products can be made faster than with any other sealing method; and the seals are strongest available anywhere.

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Simply the most Advanced Sealing Technology Available.
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Finding solutions to automate in the USA for less cost than importing from China … networking hundreds of manufacturers to solve shortage of essential goods … repurposing equipment within hours for the good of humanity … etcetera.

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We’re based in America with over 30 years designing custom solutions to meet manufacturing requirements.

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Over 25 years building machines to meet and exceed production requirements.

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Benefit from a network of machine builders ready to help together with NovaCARE™ 24/7/365 American-based support.