NovaFILTRATION Water Separator

NovaFILTRATION is a water separator that removes water and moisture from air compressor lines.  If you are located in an area with high humidity or if your factory/production area isn’t fully air conditioned or retains humidity, our NovaFILTRATION system is a good investment.  Most pneumatic driven equipment as well as our NovaPULS™ and NovaHEAT™ pneumatically activated actuators require dry air for optimal performance and warranty compliance. 

NovaFILTRATION filters out water, moisture and mist from air compressor lines.  It uses a series of pipes along with a mist removal  filter and timed air compressor drain valve.  System available as a fully automatic system or with minimal maintenance by manually opening line valves once a week.

Too much water!  In the photo (left inset) the machine Air Filter has too much water.  These machine filters have small water reservoirs.  This is because they are not for water collection.  In most cases a teaspoon of water is too much.  If your machine reservoir bowl has water collection or is discolored as shown, you need to empty the water reservoir hourly OR purchase our NovaFILTRATION System.

Plug & Play easy installation.  Video installation support.