Why Puls2™ Sealing Technology?

Frequency modulated pulse packets sealing is the only technology designed for automation.  Up to 5-times faster than impulse welding and without EMI/RFI interference associated with other sealing methods. Pulse Packet sealing is the most suitable technology for process-level heat sealing automation. 

Fast and cooler sealing means less heating element and zone tape replacement.  Combined with machine-learning, Puls2™ results in virtually no downtime and significantly reduced maintenance.   Strong seamless quality seals on all materials.  Guaranteed lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).   

Affordable Automation made possible by Experienced Engineering and Puls2™ Sealing Technology.

Our Standard Products:

NovaPULS™ TableTop & Factory Floor models for heat sealing all industrial fabrics. Automatic PocketMaker and other modular options available for all standard bar sizes - 40in, 72in, 126in, 168in, 210in, 252in, 294in and 360in. 60 Month Warranty with Forever NovaCARE™ Support.

Versatile constant on heat sealers customized to seal any shape patch or reinforcement or as an End Sealer for Hems. Available as Hand Press, Arbor Press or Pneumatic Press. 3 Year Warranty with Forever NovaCARE™ Support.

GT-100 Universal Hand-Held Wedge Welder & GT-200 Wheel-Mounted Walk Behind Wedge Welder. Both products for heat sealing Geotechnical materials and industrial fabrics. 3 Year Warranty with Forever NovaCARE™ Support.

All Products 100% Made in USA