NovaPULS™ ZipWelder

For Manufacturers of Awnings, Screens, Sun Shading, Retractable Exterior Shades, Screen Fabric Zipper Welding . . .

NovaPULS™ ZipWelder-21

NovaPULS™ ZipWelder

Automatic ZipWelder uses Pulse Packet (Puls2™) sealing technology to seal zippers (and Keders) to screen materials at rates up to 100 feet per minute.  ZipWelder-21 features a 21-foot sealing bar.  Zippers are held in place by pneumatic actuators against screen material for high precision high quality sealing.  ZipWelder can accommodate all popular size zippers.  Faster & Stronger.  Seamless.  100% Made in USA.  5 year Warranty.

Patch Sealers

Available as a portable palm-activated PatchSealer-750, or Arbor Press Lever activated, or pneumatic pushbutton-activated configuration.  Pick a configuration that works for you based on budget or specification.

Patch shapes can be triangular for corner patches, rectangular for end seals, or any shape of your desire.  View a demo of PatchSealer-750.


The NovaPULS™ EndSealer is for shade and awning manufacturers who need to automate process of welding/sealing the open ends of a hem bar. Alignment guides assure hem end seal is positioned exactly where you need it. Can be used to provide end seals on up to 4 shades at the same time.

Fast. Efficient. Seamless. Strong.