Yep … We’re the company that pioneered process automation
for fabric welding!

The QUAD was built in 2007 … over 13 years ago!

And, we’re still the leader when it comes to innovative process automation designs and fabrication.


What began as our 4-by-x all-in-one heat sealer evolved to become the world’s largest heat sealing machine. The QUAD Automatic PulseSealer uses our proprietary, patent pending and revolutionary Puls2™ Sealing technology to make up to four 4-sided pocket seals in a minute, significantly less time than any competitive product available. Not only are the seals made fast, but the quality is second to none.

The QUAD consists of: 4 NovaPULS™ Welders formed as a rectangle, Material Rollstand to feed material, a huge table located and spans between the 4 welders, an Exit System, and TouchScreen PLC Control System.

Arranged to produce 4 pocket or flat finished seals and can be used to form Lamar-style pockets (3-inch pocket with 1-inch seal) and/or CircleGraphics(ECO)-style (3 ¼-inch parallel on 2 to 3 layers of material) seals along the circumference to finish a poster, billboard or other product. Sealers can produce up to 4 completely sealed posters/banners per minute. SNovaseal Quadealers can be fixed or continuously adjusting in size to form seals varying between 8-ft by 15-ft to 24-ft by 60-ft or any variation of your choice. Illustration.  Lamar Graphics’ Transformer is, a Novaseal® QUAD Pulse Sealer and is Lamar’s key production advantage for fabrication of posters. Each Pulse Sealer is activated using our Poster-type press, and, our presses can be modified to include Slit Press option to slit materials compliant with ClearChannel’s slit specification.

Novaseal® proprietary magnetic gripper technology is used to move and locate printed material. To optimize smooth and fast movement of materials, Nova Products (the manufacturer of Novaseal® branded products) has teamed with Maxcess International. Maxcess provides a family of products and services to assure material feeding is accurate, exact and continuously repeatable without using pinching rollers used in our first QUAD system. Incoming materials are tension controlled to eliminate telescoping and assure high speed guidance without comprising safety. Whether your application is continuous or for an occasional single poster at a time, our PLC-driven motion controls is the most versatile for high speed heat sealing production available today.

Each poster includes barcoding to define whether the seals should be Lamar-style or CircleGraphics-style, as well as finished size. Next, our high speed control system modifies machine to meet finishing parameters. All of this happens without losing production time. And, if you are limited on power, or prefer to use less power, our PowerDistribution optimizer can be integrated with our Pulse Sealing technology.