NovaWEDGE™ Welders

Although Pulse Sealers have evolved into becoming our flagship heat sealing product, our NovaWEDGE™ Wedge Welders was one of our first manufactured products.  With over 5,000 wedge welders in use world-wide, Nova Products continues to engineer, develop and manufacture many different types of heat sealers for specific industries and applications.

Novaseal GT-100GT-100

Known as the Universal Wedge Welder, the GT-100 is used by thousands of companies world-wide for production, maintenance, detailing and patchwork.  It is lightweight, handheld operated and very easy to use.  Simple patented technology and impossible to jam.  Maintenance-free.  Made in USA.

Seals all thermoplastic materials … woven and nonwoven industrial fabrics, HDPE, PVC plastics, vinyls, nylon, polyurethane, polyester, TPO (thermoplastic polyolefins), Hypalon, etc. More information on GT-100 Wedge Welding applications available on request.  View GT-100 application videos.  For installation specifications using hand held wedge welders, click here.

Seals fast … up to 60 feet per minute (18 m/min) and even faster on select materials.

Ships complete with metal carrying case, silicon roller, stainless steel brush, users manual and DVD instructional video. Additionally, purchasing a new GT-100 Wedge Welder includes a 3-year warranty and NovaCARE™ Forever support.  Available 120 VAC (with cordset) and 220/240 VAC (without cordset).



If your application requires you to field heat seal large applications of geotextile materials, where handheld sealing is very inconvenient, then look no further than a GT-200 Wheel Mounted Wedge Welder.

First Wedge Welder specifically designed to weld non-woven geotextiles, T-joints, GCLs, geonets and geocomposite materials in the field. 100% Maintenance Free . . . no moving parts to jam, no unnecessary downtime to remove sand or clean the unit. Works all the time. Even with rough or uneven terrain. Ideal welder for field use.

Works great with all weights, from 4 to 60 ounce per square yard. Fast … up to 50 feet per minute with 100% MARV seam strength (ASTM D-4884-96, as revised). Smart controls vary output heat based on outdoor temperature, sensors provide up-to-the-second cartridge heating status. Creates 2-inch width seal with a minimum overlap of 2-inches. Which means using a GT-200 uses less overlap material.

The GT-200 features an ergonomic design for ease of use, increased productivity, reduced training time and reduced overall job costs. Nothing to setup and no additional supplies are needed for optimal performance.

Available 120 VAC (with cordset) and 220/240 VAC (without cordset).  Includes a 3-year warranty and NovaCARE™ Forever support.

 Installation Specifications