Advanced Heat Sealer is Customizable, Easy to Use and Fast

By Glenn W. Lippman, October 5, 2018
Puls2™ technology provides for heat sealer customization, modular functionality, strongest seals on wide range of materials with high speed cycle time results. Easy to use means very little training needed for repeatable quality seals.

COCONUT CREEK, Fla.Oct. 5, 2018PRLogNovaseal® fabric welders/heat sealers produce the highest quality, reliable and repeatable seals.  We’ve always believed that no heat sealing solution is ordinary.  Most applications for a heat sealer involve unique requirements.  Whether you need to seal unusual or different materials, or an application that requires zippers, keders or other attachments, or a process that requires a sealer to do something else.

We have found that every heat sealing solution requires some level of customization.  Often the word customization is associated with uncontrolled costs.  Our customers want customization at standard machine costs.  That’s difficult.  However we created a new paradigm to make this happen.

Modular.  Our solution for controlling customization costs was to build our frame and optional components using a modular approach with pre-defined modular sizes of 40in, 72in, 126in, 168in, 210in, 252in, 294in and 336in.  Using this approach, a standard machine without additional functionality can often cost as little as imports.  With modular added functionality, our customers can swap functionality as applications change.  For example, if our customer needs a pocketing operation but really doesn’t have a budget for an automatic high speed pocketer, then buying a base machine with our manual pocket former attachment is quite affordable.  At a later date, the modular pocket former attachment can be replaced with a high speed automatic PocketMaker without having to buy a new machine.

Advanced Technology.  Another requirement for heat sealing is that it is easy to use.  This means that an unskilled operator can make seals repeatedly with little training.  To meet this need, we invented a sealing technology that reduces parameter variance on materials to be sealed.  Pulse Packet (Puls2™) sealing technology is used to seal various materials with the same settings at cycle time rates faster than what could be done with older methods such as impulse welding.

With Puls2™, sealing and cycle times are completed in a fraction of the time of an impulse weld and compares more closely with cycle times associated with high frequency sealing.  Resultant seam strength is stronger and more repeatable.  Another benefit of Puls2™ is that heat sealing no longer requires lots of heat.  With less heat, the process is cooler, and with a cooler process, stronger seals look even better with our seamless looking feature.  Heating elements and zone tape barrier materials last longer.  With Puls2™, machine maintenance and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is the least compared to any other method.

Faster and Stronger.  With automation in the horizon and desire to automate processes, the next challenge was to make seals faster.  So, not only was it important to make quality seamless seals on multiple materials, our customers wanted these seals made faster than what can be done with impulse welding or high frequency sealing methods.  With a focus on automation, our heat sealers make the strongest seals faster than ever before.

With our innovative business model, modular approach, durable machinery and unique sealing technology, heat sealing customization is no longer associated with high costs.

Several years ago, we became an employee owned business.  This means that each of our employees are committed to your company’s growth.  And your growth is best served knowing that we’ll support each of our machines forever.  Add that commitment to our 5-year Warranty and 24/7/365 NovaCARE™ weblink support channel, would mean that a decision to buy a Novaseal® fabric welder is the best investment you can make to take on new challenges with improved performance.  And, let’s not forget … we’re also 100% Made in USA!

When you own a Novaseal® fabric welder you’ll never be considered ordinary.
100% Made in USA

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