Puls2™ Continues to Wow!


COCONUT CREEK, FLA — Puls2™ continues to wow manufacturers using fabric welders to make roller shades, posters, banners and anything that requires heat sealing.  Puls2™ or pulse packet sealing technology (aka packet welding) is the featured technology included in every NovaPULS™ Fabric Welder manufactured by Nova Products Manufacturing, Inc.

First introduced as an experimental sealing technology several years ago, pulse sealing technology invented by Glenn Lippman, Nova Products’ president/CEO, has revolutionized heat sealing technology with a patent pending method that depends on frequency modulated pulse packets to weld industrial fabrics such as vinyls, vinyl coated fabrics, polyethylenes, polyesters, polyurethanes and even Teflon.  Puls2™, the latest version of the technology, has become widely known in the industrial fabrics industry as an evolutionary next step.  The technology seals materials faster and cooler and was specifically designed for use in automated process welding where speed is very important and downtime/maintenance is minimized to nearly non-existent.

Just last week, a vinyl coated fabric was Puls2™ welded in less than 5 seconds.  Wow!  This is amazing when you consider the same material welded using impulse sealing can take 25-30 seconds or more.  And based on a cooler method of sealing, machine components such as heating element and zone tape last significantly longer resulting in a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than many of Nova Products’ competitors making machines with much older sealing technologies.Novaseal Automatic PulseSealer

Each week, various materials continue to be shipped to Nova Products’ testing facility in South Florida, and each material is welded to perfection, i.e., strong seals without color distortion or seal deformities.  Nova Products’ Glenn Lippman has said, “Puls2™ sealing technology couples well with our modular line of machine-level automation.  This means that not only do our customers benefit from using our new technology, they also benefit with automatic pocketing and other features such as sealing zippers to a screen, adding machine learning and process automation.”  By modular, Mr. Lippman meant that machine-level automation can be replaced easily as applications change.  A manufacturer can purchase a fabric welder today with automatic pocketing, then replace or add pocketing to another feature as future requirements change.

Puls2™ sealing technology is available in all standard and custom bar lengths from 40in to 300in and is usually built to meet customer requirements.  100% Made in the USA, Novaseal®-branded NovaPULS™ Fabric Welders include 5-year Warranty, 24/7/365 NovaCARE™ support, and some machines even feature their exclusive BuyBack guaranty.  Nova Products’ is an engineering-based technology developer that listens to your needs.  Fabric welders are Professional and Affordable.  Product and technology licensing available.  Financing available.