RF Welder Converted to Puls2™ Heat Sealer

By Glenn W. Lippman, December 21, 2020
Manufacturing News Release … An old Cosmos-Kabar RF 30-inch Welder converted to new 40-inch Puls2™ Heat Sealer for Covid-19 medical supply manufacturer.

COCONUT CREEK, Fla.Dec. 21, 2020PRLogNovaseal®     In recent months, Nova Products Mfg., Inc. has been advertising their ability to convert alternate heat sealing technologies such as RF (Radio Frequency) or Impulse heat sealers to their most recently patented pulse packet sealing technology.  Pulse packet also known as Puls2™ is low frequency sealing technology that has been proven to provide very strong seals on multi-layered industrial synthetic materials.  Other features include high speed sealing, seamless sealing appearance with lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.  Puls2™ is also an American-based technology.

According to Glenn Lippman, Nova Products’ president, “converting from one sealing technology to another has never been done before.  Typically when a new improved technology becomes available, customers are stuck with the older method for sealing their materials.”  Advertising this new capability of Puls2™ Conversion Products has brought forward lots of new applications, especially for automated solutions requiring high speed sealing with very little maintenance requirements.

Recently Nova Products accepted a challenge from Bryan Kramer, Extra Packaging’s vice president, to convert an old non-functioning Cosmos-Kabar RF welder with a 30-inch bar into a Novaseal® branded Puls2™ heat sealer with a 40-inch bar.  Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Bryan Kramer has said, “Faster and more efficient heat sealing solutions are needed by Extra Packaging to meet increasing global demands for our critical medical supplies.”

Prior to the invention of pulse packet sealing technology, the only efficient method to heat seal materials used in manufacturing with heavier gauge scrim-supported materials has been RF.  For Extra Packaging, replacing RF with Puls2™ means faster sealing without compromising seal strength on heavier gauge scrim supported materials as well as lighter weight materials.  Puls2™ is also not limited to dielectric materials such as vinyl.  Industry leaders using Puls2™ include manufacturers of PPE, posters, billboard media, roller shades, awning systems, medical products, etc.


Extra Packaging manufactures numerous critical products serving US and other countries with Covid PPE products.  With this recent sealing technology conversion, Bryan Kramer has said that “increased production capacity enables our company to serve our clients more efficiently.  Nova Products did a great job with the conversion as well as completing the conversion in record time.”

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The NovaPULS™ line of fabric welders include table top and factory floor models.  Ranging in sealing lengths from 40in to 360in, we probably have a size that meets your requirements.  Visit our website at https://www.novaseal.com for a complete review of our products, machine videos, news articles and application support.  Or, if you like, we’re located in south Florida … visit us! 

Glenn W. Lippman, physicist, inventor and President/CEO of Nova Products Manufacturing, Inc. of Coconut Creek, Florida.  Mr. Lippman is also Executive Director of Intellectual Conversation Group, a bipartisan community-based think tank based in Boca Raton, Florida with over 1,200 members.

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