Puls2™ Conversion Products

Puls2™ is a revolutionary new heat sealing technology.  With Puls2™, Fabric Welding has gotten easier and less complicated.  Fabric welders with Puls2™ technology are transformed into a Smart Welder using the latest machine learning functionality.  Most of our own clients using original pulse sealing have already upgraded to Puls2™. 

Predominant benefit of Puls2™ technology is the use of multiple small packets of heat required to weld industrial fabrics.  These pulse packets are modulated to create a stronger and seamless sealing appearance.

Huge Benefit of Puls2™ Sealing Technology is reduced operating costs along with best quality seals made faster than ever before!
When Production Yields Matter …
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Other benefit include:

•  shorter cycle times for extremely fast sealing
•  ability to seal previously challenging materials such as PTFE Teflon, polyurethane, etc.
•  sealing with less heat means longer lasting heating elements
•  zone tape and Teflon coated tapes last longer — less maintenance
•  less downtime, more production
•  reduces and often eliminates “hot spots”
•  significant advantages for companies looking to automate their sealing/welding processes.

As a result and to serve the greater good, Nova Products can upgrade non-Novaseal® branded Fabric Welders to include Puls2™ sealing technology.  So, if you purchased another manufacturer’s impulse welder or RF/High Frequency welder and would like to convert their older sealing technologies to use the most revolutionary newer Puls2™ technology, contact us and we’ll provide you with a quote.

View a comparison of Puls2™ Sealing Technology and impulse welding.

Qualified non-Novaseal® competitive vendors with older sealing technologies shown on illustration.