Reconditioned Welders

One benefit in purchasing a Novaseal® Fabric Welder is our BuyBack Guaranty.  With our BuyBack Guaranty, we will buy back any Novaseal® branded fabric welder for half of what you paid for it and apply credit against another Novaseal® branded fabric welder.  Some conditions apply, such as your existing machine needs to be in working condition and without liens.

This is a great opportunity for companies to purchase what they can afford today, knowing that when business and cash flow improves, they can upgrade their purchase at a later date.  Since its inception, we’ve had many clients exercise our BuyBack Guaranty.  These machines are reconditioned and resold. 


Recently with our Country’s renewed emphasis on manufacturing, we’ve acquired several units through our BuyBack program.  Reconditioned machines are also BuyBack Guaranty eligible.  If you see something you like, contact us soon.  These machines will typically sell quickly.

NovaPULS™ TableTop-40

About 4 years old.  Excellent condition.  Power Upgrade for use with thicker fabric applications, ETFE applications as well as any other material.  Includes a rear flange clamp which can be removed. 

(954) 834-2211
  • Puls2™ Sealing Technology
  • Made in USA
  • Includes Warranty
  • 24/7/365 Forever NovaCARE™ Weblink Support
  • BuyBack Guaranty
  • 40-inch Bar Length, Open-Ended.
  • Supports 1/4in, 1/2in, and 1in Width Seals
  • Poster-type Press, Overlap Sealing, Open-Ended
  • 230 VAC Single Phase, 15 Amp
  • Custom-made Cover

Easy to add modular options including Automatic PocketMaker, or Manual PocketFormer, or All-in-One Zipper & Pocketer.  Modular options can be upgraded later.  Inquire for details.  Call: (954) 834-2211.  Or use Contact Form.

Although we try to update this webpage with new and sold machines, it has happened that a reconditioned unit was sold and still shows on this page.  Or we received new machines that have not yet been listed. To avoid disappointment, contact us for current status.