NovaPULS™ TableTop Heat Sealer

Pulse Packet Sealing (Puls2™) Technology

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NovaPULS™ TableTop

Heat Sealer

OEM | Modular | Standalone Form Factor

Who is it for?

TableTop heat sealers were initially developed for integrated automation including a heat sealing component. Many of our customers, however, purchased a TableTop for standalone use. It becomes an affordable, versatile heat sealer with modules such as pocketing for roller shade industry; or with zipper module for awning industry. Bar lengths can be one of our standards or any length. Fully customizable with Lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Puls2™ technology provides for high speed low maintenance sealing.


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Each Video Illustrates Another Aspect of Novaseal® NovaPULS™ Heat Sealers

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Pulse Packet Sealing Technology

Provides the strongest seals on the broadest range of materials with a patented technology that assures cooler, seamless and faster sealing with a nearly maintenance-free operation.

Pre-Loaded Features

Pre-loaded features most other companies charge extra for including choice of automatic or manual pocketing, poster press, easy pass-through daylight, large front and rear tables, internal diagnostics, multiple operational modes, zipper/keder fixturing, integrated front loading cradle, customizations as needed. When you are ready to buy, buy only what you need today.  Add modular options as needs/applications change. 

Made in USA

No need to worry about servicing a machine built in China or Europe when Novaseal® machines are 100% Made in USA. Add a 5-year Warranty for total peace of mind.


All Novaseal® heat sealing machines are delivered with automated features including ethernet communications, diagnostics, Ai controls, Machine Learning and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Easy to Use

One setting often works for all materials. Easy to train operators to use NovaPULS™ heat sealers.

Reliability built-in to the design

NovaCARE™ is a free service provided with every Novaseal® heat sealing product, and is a 24/7/365 password protected application specific weblink support customized for each machine.  Combined with our very unique 60 month (5 year warranty) and Made in USA, Novaseal® machine value is best in the industry.  Features lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) when compared to any other heat sealer made by anyone else.

Forever Support

We never leave you hanging. Product information, troubleshooting, maintenance, supply order information, operational and application details are all online. Whenever you need us ... Call us.

Pulse Packet technology can be used to seal virtually all materials ... polyurethane, Teflon, ETFE, PTFE, lightweight to heavy vinyls, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, Firesist®, Phifer Sheerweave™ shade materials, PVC, PVD polyvinyl fluoride, PVDF polyvinylidene fluoride, vinyl-laminated polyester, vinyl coated mesh, vinyl coated polyester, vinyl coated polyester/cotton, Cooley BRITE® materials. And if you need tech support on best parameters to seal various materials .... Call us.

NovaPULS™ Heat Sealer Customers that chose Made in America for 100% Reliability and Uptime