NovaPULS™ TableTop Fabric Welder

NovaPULS™ TableTop Models are designed and built with customization in mind.  This model is perfectly suited for Machine-level & Process-level  Automation.

Each Fabric Welder includes our proprietary patented pulse packet sealing technology (Puls2™) developed to support automation.  Puls2™ is a smart technology that assures cooler and faster sealing of all syntheticc materials from lightweight to heavy vinyls and PTFE.  Puls2™ is virtually maintenance free.  And, best of all, it is Made in America, includes our 5-year Warranty, 24/7/365 NovaCARE™ application/support, and includes our BuyBack Upgrade Service.

Its robust construction makes this machine your perfect choice as a Fabric Welder with standard bar lengths of 40-inch (1m), 72-inch (1.8m) and 126-inch (3.2m).  Pre-loaded features include poster-type press, open-ended construction, easy pass-through daylight, large rear mag plates, internal diagnostics, Internet of Things (IoT) and automation ready, intuitive smart controls.  Add-on features include automatic pocketmaker, zipper and keder fixtures, as well as anything else you need.  Size and balance makes the TableTop model ideal for custom integration.

So, whether your application is roller shades, awning systems, posters/billboards, heavy vinyl roofing systems, pools, tents, transportation covers , etc., we can add whatever Machine-level Automation you need to produce your products faster, stronger, and better looking than was ever possible.

We’re the only company with modular add-on options.  Our modular options include:

  • Automatic PocketMaker.  Automatically pockets any length or multiples up to bar length.  Fast.  Very easy to use.  Precision folding.  For single pockets, double pocketing or multiple pocketing.  View Demo.
  • Manual PocketFormer.  Manual fixturing to make pockets of any length (not limited by bar length).
  • E-Z Zipper Loader.  Weld any size zipper to screen or other material.  Quick & Easy!
  • All-in-One Zipper & Pocketer.  Combines Manual PocketFormer and E-Z Zipper Loader.  Switching between pocketing and zipper attachment takes only a few minutes.

Buy what you need today.  Add modular options as needs/applications change. 

To learn how Pulse Packet (Puls2™) Sealing Technology compares with Impulse Welding, click here to view a side-by-side comparison video.


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