Zipper-PocketFormer-Keder All-in-One Option

The Manual PocketFormer was first introduced in 2008 as a standard feature on all Novaseal® TableTop pulse sealers ranging in bar sizes from 40in to 126in.  In the past few years, many of our clients requested a feature to easily make zipper and pocket seals.  Additionally, our clients wanted to switch quickly from one feature to another.  So, therefore, starting in 2017, Nova Products has added our Zipper – PocketFormer – All-in-One Option and is now available on all NovaPULS™ TableTop and Factory (automated) models.  Changing from one to the other usually takes less than a minute.  Resulting seals are registered, accurate, and perfect with Puls2™ Sealing Technology.

Incidentally, if you ever need to switch from All-in-One Option to Automatic PocketMaker, simply call us.  Both options are modular in design and can be switched for increased versatility.  Furthermore same module can be used to weld zipper or keder strips.
Onsite demos available.
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